Cultivating a sense of awareness and developing the practice of “being conscious” may sound elusive initially.  However, it simply means being aware of our surroundings and staying in the present.  We present two articles on this subject – the first of which is penned by a devoted practitioner, Ms Yun Ng, and the second by our Danielle LaRock, who discusses her time in New Life Foundation and its impact on her mindfulness practice.

If we are sincere in applying these principles, we will find that regrets about the past and anxiety of the future shall dissipate like vapour into thin air – the only moment that exists is here and now.

5 Ways to Practise Mindfulness in Daily Life By Yun Ng

In Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Step, he wrote: “Walk as if you are kissing the ground with your feet.

Mindfulness may not come easy, but just like how we can train our muscles in the gym, we too can train our ability to be mindful through consistent practice in our everyday lives. For meditation newbies who are inspired to start a meditation practice, it may be unsettling to simply plonk down on a cushion and close your eyes. The practice of mindfulness is therefore an easier and more accessible place to start… (read more).

Mindfulness = Concentration + Clarity + EquanimityBy Danielle LaRock

The mission or purpose of the New Life Foundation is to create a community where members can cultivate mindfulness in their daily life. We have heard this term mindfulness used in many contexts. It has become a buzz word of sorts. But what does it really mean?

Of course there are tons, probably thousands, of texts, definitions, and explanations of this term and the related terms of meditation, being present, and living in the now. Today, I received a pretty simple and profound description of mindfulness that seems to fit pretty well into life… (read more)