heal your life workshop – pleasanton, california

HYL Pleasanton Workshop May 23-24 2015

A Life Changing Workshop

Come to this transformational workshop conducted by our very own Danielle LaRock and two of her associates to uncover old limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and transform them into positive patterns to live the live you love.

This two-day personal growth workshop is based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, teacher and author of bestselling book You Can Heal Your Life, which has sold over 50 million copies in 30 languages worldwide. This powerful self-exploration work allows for personal transformation, allowing you to create a more fulfilling life in business, financial abundance, intimate relationships, health, spiritual growth, and much more.

You will leave this workshop feeling more connected to yourself with tools for deeper self-discovery. By cultivating this greater self-love and having greater compassion for ourselves, we can then give this to others and the world.

Come and develop deeper self-awareness and find a greater sense of empowerment in this life changing two-day workshop!

Benefits of this workshop:

  1. Learn what it means to truly love and accept yourself
  2. Explore and release painful emotions and how they often hold important life messages for us
  3. Understand the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection
  4. Realize how your past and your family dynamics affect you today
  5. Deepen your inner peace
  6. Enhance your self-reflection capabilities
  7. Become part of a holistic development family
  8. Give yourself a break, rejuvenate and discover more about yourself

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