In Brief

We are a collective of practicing yogis and yoginis who love sharing the benefits and joy that yoga has brought into our lives.

More About Us

Thoroughly aware that the modern world has brought about a shift in the way yoga is viewed, it is acknowledged that yoga could mean different things to different people.

However, in sharing this ancient art form, we esteem, without being puritanical or pedantic, to align ourselves with the traditional objective of yoga – that is, to find, maintain and spread harmony – both within and without.

… and in so doing, bridge the disconnect, and find union between ourselves as individuals and the universal supreme being (the God of your own understanding) – ultimately attaining complete and utter freedom.

We are guided by the wisdom of the noble scholar Patañjali who systematically codified an 8-fold path to yoga – and through the practice of physical poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and mindful living (yamas, niyamas, dhyana), we seek to live a life of purposeful intention in our quest for liberation from the suffering mind.

Come take a walk with us.


Yours faithfully

The Steering Committee, Path8Yoga.